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Published on January 8 2009, 23:01
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Mobile porn videos and mobile porn movies are now available to all mobile phones, as soon as they accept 3G / EDGE technologies.

IPhone, Android, Symbian and all other Smartphones are all capable to play mp4 videos or any live cams feed.

You can also visit the website WebCamobile if you would like to enjoy some top quality live mobile sex.

Nowadays, most of the mobile users have a 3G or Edge generation mobile devices. One more way to enjoy privately some horny videos without having anybody having access to it.

Yes, mobile phones and other miniature portable devices are a save place where to keep porn vids for adult videos lovers.
During 2008 the business grew up thanks to some content providers offering top quality content at a reasonable price.

The new "tool" you can now enjoy is mobile webcams, a nice way to enjoy a "a la carte" rendez-vous ;)
Most of the adult webcam performer website offer this kind of services, also called wap cam chat.

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